ResourceFULL Use

At a 2006 CCA breakfast forum, ResourceFULL Use was born.
We never imagined it would be going strong a decade later. Each exchange is money saved, resources utilized, and greenhouse gasses reduced. Our quarterly workshops are a great place to brainstorm and Dzspeed datedz with potential partners.

One company’s waste
is another’s raw material

Industries and manufactures commonly produce wastes that other businesses could use. ResourceFull Use was started to help turn one business’ trash into another’s treasure.

ResourceFull Use provides manufacturers and industry with workshops to assess resource needs and actively exchange resources (e.g.. use the waste of one organization as an input for another).

We’ve also teamed with the Materials Exchange Platform to give members expanded capabilities and a broader audience for your by-products. Any materials that you post are now seen by businesses in Oregon and Washington.

Benefits are improved economic viability through reduced waste, improved resource efficiences, and decreased emissions (CO2 and other greenhouse gases).